We can now mass-produce a t-shirt with an 80% smaller environmental footprint. Yup, 80%. We call it the Up-shirt!

Every year, we produce millions of t-shirts. You probably have a few well-loved tees, and maybe a couple souvenir t-shirts from your travels, sports events, concerts, etc. - we all do. T-shirts are an iconic, essential piece of clothing. But, from crop to shop, they carry a pretty hefty environmental burden. The thing is, factory-made t-shirts yield up to 40% waste material. That means 40% of that cotton is grown in vain and huge amounts of water and the earth's resources are wasted. Not to mention the work put into spinning the yarn, transporting the fabric, the factory labour ... you get the idea.

It's taken years of hard work and research but we've come up with a clever design and production model to mass-produce t-shirts using those leftovers. (Yes folks, we now generate so much waste fabric that we can actually mass-produce new garments from the huge amount of factory leftovers.)

Our products are UPMADE® certified.